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Dandelion Killer Safely Kills Dandelions and Other Weeds

Safely kill dandelions using our special farmer grade formula. If you are ready for a yard free from ugly dandelions, then we have the products for you. Kill dandelions quickly, safely, and easily. It is completely safe for humans, animals, and plants. You use it everywhere. It kills the dandelions--not the grass. Simply spray it on your yard using your hose. It is amazingly quick and easy.

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Many companies charge over $50 per application to kill dandelions and other weed and often times it takes more than one application for the dandelions to die. You can spray a typical yard TWICE using our products for less than $10 (including shipping).

Don't waste money on other products that don't work or can kill your grass. Our formula is 100% safe for your grass. You will find that our formula is very much more potent and powerful that what you find in stores. Store bough brands contain a "watered-down" version of chemicals designed to maximize profit. Our formula is so potent that you can spray a typical yard TWICE with less than 1 oz of our product.

Farmers count on No More Dandelions to keep their plots free from dandelions and other pesky weeds. Homeowners all over the country rely on No More Dandelions for an easy and affordable solution for a luscious green lawn.

Our patented formula will kill even the most stubborn dandelions with ease. All you need is a hose. Simply mix our dandelion killer with common tap water. Then use a normal hose to spray the solution on your grass. The formula goes right to work killing the roots of the dandelions. Being a root killer ensures that you don't just kill the stem so it can grow back. Being a root killer means that you kill the dandelions for good.

Please, take your time and look through our site. If you feel so inclined to buy our products--you won't regret it.

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